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Advertising Policy

When accepting sponsorship or advertising from companies, societies or other organizations, UMJ PUBLISHING applies the following procedures:

a) All advertising (or sponsorship or funding) must first be approved by the publisher. We may refuse to accept sponsorship from any commercial enterprise, company or industry and will not be bound to offer any justification for its decision to do so;

b) All advertising (or sponsorship or funding) is handled separately from editorial content. Sponsors don’t have control over the editorial decision, and more specifically:

- Editorial and advertising sales administration are completely separate operations; 
- Editorial decisions are never influenced by potential advertising or reprint revenues;

c) Sponsors are requested to confirm this declaration of sponsorship in accordance with the aims of UMJ PUBLISHING to guarantee editorial autonomy.

  • We are in agreement with the aims and objectives of UMJ PUBLISHING in doing our best to serve the scientific community.
  • We believe Open Access journals recognize scientific and medical literature as a precious resource to be made freely available to everyone. 
  • We agree with the aim of UMJ PUBLISHING to promote international understanding by providing a forum for debate, and for technical and intellectual exchange between scientists and members of the medical and scientific professions worldwide to be made available to anyone in all countries of the world.
  • We support UMJ PUBLISHING in its quest for scientific excellence and moral and ethical integrity in its judicial selection and publication of high-quality research papers.
  • We confirm that we have no intention of taking advantage of our position as UMJ PUBLISHING sponsors in order to influence the editorial process, and fully recognize the risks inherent in any possible conflicts of interest associated with the financial support and funding of publishing enterprises.